Wow… 2021 was a crazy year for many reasons! With the pandemic in full force, continuing remote working and everything else going on in the world, times are definitely not “normal”. On the Morphic side of things, we made massive strides towards our mission of building a company that productizes top-quality creative solutions, design processes and expert recommendations. Our first product is the Morphic website builder, which is a completely no-code solution that enables non-designers to create their own on-brand websites with all the tools and setup they need to manage the site going forward. It’s been a rollercoaster of challenges and learning opportunities and also some exciting successes!

We built our beta product and a bunch of robust features

Site Editor and CMS

Asset Library

Brand Styles and Themes

Lots of Integrations

In-App Preview

Advanced Features

What We Learned

This is a big project...

Manually onboarding

The product can get us 90% of the way there

Going slow in the right direction

Creating the foundation for scalability

Goals for next year

How will we accomplish this?

Simulate our agency offerings in a product as closely as possible

Build & Implement the Morphic Marketplace & Store

Create user feedback loops

Optimize user flows and improve product UX

Create partnerships with complementary and like-minded businesses

We believe that we’re building industry-changing features that will make Morphic the premier website builder.